Welcome to the young adult class at Florence Baptist Temple! Our group is primarily made up of college aged followers of Jesus Christ seeking to promote the Christian faith in all areas of our lives.  We enjoy discussing real life issues and providing support for one another during difficult times or when struggling for answers to life’s challenges.  We also like to have a good time and keep busy with various outings and social events year round.

Sunday morning Bible study begins at 10:00 a.m. We’ve recently completed a series on the purpose and mission of the church and on the nature of Christ to the church and to the world. Regardless of your circumstance, believer/nonbeliever, Bible scholar or one who is searching for answers, our class is accepting, loving, and eager to have you visit us.

If we can help you, pray for you, or you just need a place to relax and experience true friendship, our class at Florence Baptist Temple is just the place to find it.

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