World Missions

Surely we all remember the song, “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hand”. It is hard to believe that over 7 billion people walk on this earth, yet many have never heard about the loving Hand that is holding them. Our missions program at Florence Baptist Temple is in place so that we may spread the news of a loving Savior to those who have never heard.

Our missions program currently supports over 100 mission works in the United States and in many foreign countries. Each missionary supported by our church has become a part of our family and we do our very best to pray, love, and provide financial support to each one. They are doing an important work of sharing the story of Christ in a land far from their home.

Each year at the missions conference we honor families who have made a great personal sacrifice to reach the lost. Missionaries leave their home, their family and comfort, and often their nation to reach others in another land. We look at these honored missionaries as people who have made a much greater sacrifice than we could ever make ourselves. The truth is any of us can and should be a missionary. We can do so through our testimony, verbal witness, and financial giving to those who can go where we cannot.

There are many who have never heard and it’s our responsibility to share with them the news of Jesus Christ and that is why we have a missions program at Florence Baptist Temple.